Friday Photo: Sweet Frog frozen yogurt toppings, Mechanicsburg

SweetFrog Yogurt toppings
Sweet Frog yogurt toppings

Ice cream is one of those things that my dad and I have always had in common: he’d come home from working on the farm, and I could always count on him to suggest that ice cream was needed for dessert. (I yet was too young to make a suggestion so bold.)

Sweet Frog Premium Frozen Yogurt of Mechanicsburg isn’t exactly locally-made ice cream like that made by Bootlleg Creamery and sold by Cream Cycles, Harrisburg; it’s also not my premium go-to, which is a peanut butter cup hurricane at Kristy’s Whistle Stop, Enola. And I admit that any of this barely comes close to a Magnum ice cream bar.

However, Sweet Frog does fulfill a childhood dream in a Willy Wanka kind of way. Surrounded by the bright pinks and greens of the building’s interior, I nearly skipped to the wall of frozen-yogurt pumps with which you serve yourself flavors that range from thin mint to pomegranate-raspberry, and I stared (with Christmas-day excitement)  at the bar of toppings that seemed to stretch to eternity.

Should I add M&Ms, chocolate sauce, and mini marshmallows to my fro-yo? Or should I try crushed peanut butter cups and swirl my spoon a bunch to make my own hurricane? What are mango poppers?  Are these really stroopwafel crumbs from Stroopies of Lancaster? (The answer is yes.)  Do I dare sprinkle on some Fruity Pebbles cereal topped with fresh strawberries? What am I saying? I hate Fruity Pebbles! What if somebody sees…?

This week’s Friday Photo is to color and limitless childhood imagination.

Sweet Frog, Mechanicsburg
6416 Carlisle Pike Suite 1100
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050
(717) 697-4301


2 thoughts on “Friday Photo: Sweet Frog frozen yogurt toppings, Mechanicsburg

  1. RogueAnthropologist June 27, 2012 — 8:25 am

    Ah I was wondering when fro yo would make it to Harrisburg, but I guess I have to go to Mechanicsburg!

    Being lactose intolerant, frozen yogurt IS my go-to dessert when not at home, and it’s one of my favorite outings with friends in Lancaster and D.C. I like to taste test all the flavors and then get a mixture. My friend Sarah is like you–gets the fro yo quickly and heads straight for the topping bar!

    The best topping by far is mochi bites. Did they have those at Sweet Frog?

  2. Yikes! What are mochi bites! Sounds so cool! If they were there, I didn’t notice, but I was really distracted 🙂

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