“Pain de campagne” (pronouned “PAHN deh com-PAHN-yuh”) is a type of traditional French bread that is made with natural yeast, baked into large, round loaves, and sold in boulengeries across France.  The name translates literally to “country bread.”

As bread is a fundamental food element for many cultures across centuries, this blog is dedicated to stories of travel and cuisine and the people and societies surrounding them.

Sylvia Grove is a PhD candidate in contemporary French literature at the University of Pittsburgh.

Paris, July 2010
Paris, July 2010

3 thoughts on “about

  1. Sylvia,
    j’aime bien le style de ton blog – et je suis curieux des posts suivants…

  2. Sylvia, I love the idea, style and implementation of the blog. I’m very excited to hear more about the great food that Harrisburg has to offer – and of course the people who stand behind!

  3. Hey Sylvia! Félicitations sur votre blog ! Vous continuez à étonner et m’impressionner et je sais que vous allez vraiment aller loin! Souviens-toi de moi quand vous arrivez à le haut ! J’adore l’image des panneaux d’arrêt trop! Maintenir l’excellent travail !

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