Friday Photo: Little Amps’ ‘Cold Jar,’ Harrisburg, is a refreshing summer drink

Little Amps owner Aaron Carlson, 2012

‘Tis the season of clear plastic cups of iced coffee sipped with green straws.  However, this season, treat yourself to a coffee that is more than just cold.

Evoking the chilly haze of a rustic icebox, Little Amps’ “Cold Jar” ($3.75) is made in the tradition of an Italian caffe shakerato, an iced espresso that is often mixed with cream in a martini shaker.  Here, it’s a shot of roasted-on-the-premises espresso poured over ice, sprinkled with brown sugar, flooded with cream, and shaken vigorously in a pint Ball mason jar until thick and frothy — and served in the same jar.

So rich it’s nearly chocolatey, Little Amps’ “Cold Jar” shakerato is Italian elegance blended with those summer afternoons of canning cherries on my family’s farm.  Enjoy with one of Little Amps’ featured apple tarts, quiches, biscotti, or macroons by Short and Sweet Bakery, Lemoyne.

Little Amps
1826 Green Street
Harrisburg, PA 17102

Monday-Friday: 6:45am-2pm
Saturday: 8am-2pm


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