30×30: An Introduction

I don’t know when I started telling people that life gets better after you turn twenty-five.

At least for me, this much was true: the onset of my first steady job brought a sense of purpose and vision, time during which to travel, and a cat (which, along with a piano, are my two requirements for being an adult). With my steady partner by my side, I was increasingly less troubled by the parts of life that I didn’t understand and increasingly more challenged by the opportunities that came with that confusion. Life did not get easier; instead, it deepened, became more rich, and blossomed more full.

On October 12, 2014, I turn 30, and I’m dedicating the month before this event — at the risk of being a bit too self-indulgent — to reflect on the people and lessons who have touched me most completely over this time. This set of blog posts, “Thirty by Thirty,” will categorize the thoughts, impressions, and perceptions that have changed me, bit by bit, into the person I am today.

To every reader: I love you all.

First grade, 1991
First Grade Halloween Parade (Fall 1991)

31 thoughts on “30×30: An Introduction

  1. great idea, looking forward!

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