Kyoto drip, Bank Square Coffeehouse; Beacon, New York

koyto drip
Bank Square Coffeehouse. July 2013

Okay. I cannot say that I actually tasted this coffee when I stopped at this gem of a coffeehouse in Beacon, New York — but the sheer appearance of the brewing apparatus of Kyoto drip coffee certainly caught my attention. At Bank Square Coffeehouse, founded in 2009, this Kyoto drip steeps coffee through a thick bed of grounds at one drip per second.

Since they were out of Kyoto drip when I was there (although they were brewing more, IV-style), I turn to In the article “Some Like It Cold (Brewed),” writers call the process of Kyoto drip “breathtaking,” “mad-scientist-style,” and a “spiraling one-drop-at-a-time” method of cold brewing.

Of the taste of the Kyoto drip at Blue Bottle Coffee (Oakland, San Francisco, Brooklyn), they wrote: “Kyoto’s brew is an intense, flattish-tasting brew that has that guilty pleasure flavor of canned iced coffee. The cup we tried was a bit ice-cube flavored, but the sturdy, almost woody quality to the brew suggests it might get better and better as that melty ice goes on.”

Road trip to New York, anyone? (Coffee’s on me.)

Bank Square Coffeehouse
129 Main Street
Beacon, NY 12508

Sunday-Thursday, 5:30am-9:00pm (6:30am on Sunday)
Friday-Saturday, 5:30am-10:00pm (6:30am on Saturday)


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