Friday Photo: Bok Choy Kimchi

What do you do when you’ve signed up for a CSA with Strites’ Orchard and are given a bok choy? Why, you make kimchi — spicy fermented cabbage, which my boyfriend explains as “Korean sauerkraut” — of course. Buy the spices at Asia Mall off of Paxton Street, Harrisburg; buy yourself a bok choy or cabbage, a few carrots, and a bunch of garlic; and follow David Chang’s recipe, found here. The result is a highly spicy, tangy, and gorgeously red-green crunchy salad, perfect for making this recipe for beer-battered tofu tacos with kimchi from

Bok Choy Kimchi
Bok Choy Kimchi

2 thoughts on “Friday Photo: Bok Choy Kimchi

  1. That’s a lot of canned fruit behind that kimchi! I’ve never had kimchi.

  2. paindecampagne June 21, 2013 — 8:34 am

    Yeah! My roommate and I made jam, but I had no recipe for that. Namely, I included this picture just because it was gorgeous, plus all the fresh vegetable cooking = awesome. Kimchi is a slightly-acquired taste, but good. Maybe there will be some left to share when we hang out in July 🙂

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