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Friday Photo: Garland in the rain, Pittsburgh

Garland in the rain

Strip District, Pittsburgh, December 2012

A rainy day, a bare street, and silver water dripping from the tips of the garlands as the Strip District fades into dusk. I expected this sight to be somber, not festive, but somehow, I sensed the holiday more clearly here than I have anywhere else in Pittsburgh to date — the deep gray of the day contrasting the garland into a brighter green, a rain-splattered hand-written sign, and the cherry red bows gleaming brightly despite the twilight.


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3 thoughts on “Friday Photo: Garland in the rain, Pittsburgh

  1. I kept thinking during those rainy days, In a colder year, this would all be snow! Winter rain just doesn’t create the same excitement. Si I’m glad you found a holiday moment in it.

    • paindecampagne on said:

      Haha, I actually attributed to the lack of snow to Pittsburgh as a place – apparently we get the secondmost amount of rain & cloudy days (next to Seattle) in the country. You’re right – but even here, it should be snow.

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