Friday Photo: Smoked-Chipotle Pickles at Peter Piper’s Pickles

Pickled foods bring out the Pennsylvania Dutch in me.  Every Christmas, one of my favorite parts of the epic Grove Christmas luncheon is the little dish of my grandmother’s homemade “chow-chow”: a mix of cauliflower, red peppers, carrots, kidney beans, celery, and seasonings that has been pickled in a sweet-tangy brine.  When I lived in France for the first time in 2005, there were no such delicacies — no relishes on my baguette sandwich, no slaws nestled on roasted meats, just more mustard and olives and less ketchup than I was used to eating in my life.  For this reason, I have come to treasure pint jars of home-canned vegetables in any form.

Susan Smeal serves up samples at Saturday’s Market, Middletown

Peter Piper’s Pickles, located at various Central PA markets depending on the weekday, features vats of vinegar and vegetables, including bread-and-butter pickles, dill pickles, garlic pickles, hot pickles, hot cherry peppers, and more.  The smoked-chipotle pickles are especially memorable: smoky and crisp, sparkling with heat and bright acidity — the perfect way to jazz up a turkey sandwich on Dimpflmeier 7 grain.

My German-Swiss ancestors would be proud.

Peter Piper’s Pickles
$4/pint, $7/quart

Tuesdays, Roots Market in Manheim Area #5
Wednesdays, Lewisburg Farmer’s Market, Lewisburg
Fridays, Green Dragon Building #1, Ephrata
Saturdays, Saturday’s Market, Middletown

Marty: (717) 682-2952


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