Dads and daughters enjoy Londonderry township’s dance

The following is taken from an interview of participants at Londonderry township’s Fifth Annual Daddy-Daughter dance.  An abridged version appeared in The Patriot-News on Friday, October 28, 2011.

Daddy-daughter dance, Sunset Golf Course Clubhouse, October 2011

WHITE TIGHTS, BLACK TIES: Londonderry townhip fathers and daughters celebrated one another at the fifth annual Daddy-Daughter dance, a heartwarming evening of games, prizes, and music at the Sunset Golf Course Clubhouse on Friday, October 14.  “It’s hard to tell who appreciates the dance more, the daughters or the daughters,” says coordinator Beth Graham. Thirty-seven couples were in attendance for professional photographs, a food buffet, and the crowning of a king and queen.

MILES OF SMILES (clockwise from top): Richard Silks with granddaughters, Kylie, Alex, and Cheyenne of Cedar Manor

WHO: Richard Silks, Cedar Manor
GRANDDAUGHTERS: Alex, 5; Kylie, 9; Cheyenne, 12

He says…
–       GRANDDAUGHTERS’ BEST QUALITIES: “Alex makes her own cheers that she always has to share.  Kylie does jigsaw puzzles with me. Cheyenne is great at spending quality time.”
–       BEST PART OF THE EVENING: “The whole night.  It puts memories into my granddaughters’ lives, the kind you can never replace.”

PERFECT PAIR: Kailynn White, 7, with father Steve White, Elizabethtown

WHO: Kailynn White, 7
FATHER: Steve White, Elizabethtown
PARTICIPATION: “We’ve been coming for three years.”

She says…
–       BEST PART OF EVENING: “I love dancing with my friends.”
–       FAVORITE DRESS-UP ACCESSORY: “My high heels.”
–       DAD’S BEST ASSET: “He’s great because he loves me.”

FIRST DANCE: Jeff Poor with Ellie, 5, of Elizabethtown

WHO: Jeff Poor, Elizabethtown
DAUGHTER: Ellie, 5
PARTICIPATION: “It’s our first year, but we were crowned dance King and Queen!”

He says…
–       OVERALL IMPRESSION: “The dance is a neat way to get dads and daughters out together before the girls get too old.”
–       ELLIE’S GREATEST ASSET: “Her energy, her fresh outlook, her innocence.”

She says…
–       FAVORITE DRESS-UP ACCESSORY: “This dress.”
–       DAD’S FAVORITE FOOD: “He makes good bacon.”
–       BEST PART OF THE EVENING: “I won the contest.”

DOUBLE DIP: (from left) Andy and Rylee Hartwick, 6, of Middletown with Aaron and Paige Adelman, 7, of Londonderry township

WHO: Andy Hartwick, Middletown
DAUGHTER: Rylee Hartwick, 6

He says…
–       FAVORITE SHARED ACTIVITY: “We go fishing together.  She’s my girl.”

DANCE LIKE THIS: Lucy Rodgers, 10, and her father Simon of Harrisburg

WHO: Lucy Rogers, 10
DAD: Simon Rogers, Harrisburg
PARTICIPATION: “This is our third year coming to the dance.”

She says…
–       BEST PART OF EVENING: “The limbo.  I won two years in a row!”

He says…
–       FAVORITE EVENING MEMORY: “Just seeing Lucy smile.  It melts my heart.”
–       LUCY’S GREATEST ASSET: “Her self-assuredness.”


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