Friday Photo: $26 Hamburger

Village Whiskey, Philadelphia, September 2011

So this isn’t the $26 burger (served with maple bourbon glazed cipollini, rouge bleu cheese, applewood bacon, and foie gras), but I did eat this light, airy, beefy burger, available with an egg on top, from the same restaurant–the Village Whiskey in Philadelphia.  Also try the pickled herbed cherry tomatoes served on black olive tapenade, whipped ricotta, and toasted sourdough.

Drool on.


5 thoughts on “Friday Photo: $26 Hamburger

  1. I guess you can have steak and eggs for breakfast, but I am curious how the runny yoke tated and felt in the mouth with the burger?

  2. I was curious, too. It didn’t have a strong eggy taste the way you’d expect… the yolk mingled with the juices of the really moist meat, almost enhancing it. The white just added some smooth moisture. But I had a cold, that’s why the article doesn’t mention taste….haha

  3. Much like roads, food can also be a sign of prosperity. I hope more eclectic places like this find there way to Harrisburg. Walking down green street through olde uptown today, I felt encouraged and inspired by the entrepreneurs who feel confident that revitalization will continue.

  4. There was a really interesting article in TheBurg, asking if Midtown was in decline. The author concluded that “no,” despite the moving away of Nonna’s (and recently the closing of Garden Fresh), that things were still going well. Glad you are hopeful. My newest hope is that Jayyid Harvest (vegan place!) on Second Street can stay open.

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