Foodie Goodie: Grilled Caesar Showcases Surprising Star, Susquehanna Twp.

While dressing up a Caesar salad is usually synonymous with adding something grilled, such as shrimp or chicken, celebrate the end of this grilling season with a grilled Caesar salad at Gabriella’s Italian Ristorante in Susquehanna Twp.

In this salad, what’s grilled is the lettuce.

If you’re imagining a plateful of wilted lettuce leaves, hold on. Grilling lettuce is a technique that combines that flame of summer with the rich flavors of fall, produced by “ kissing” the lettuce with just enough fire to coat it (think seconds) with the same char that so complements asparagus or string beans.

Top the toasted leaves with fresh Caesar dressing and thick slices of aurrichio (provolone) cheese, and you have Gabriella’s Caesar.

“I tried a similar salad for the first time at a restaurant about two years ago,” owner Pietro Carcioppolo says. “I said to my wife, ‘ I can do that.'”

This article was first published on page B4 in The Patriot-News on Wednesday, August 31.  Read the complete version here.

A salad of contrasts: crunchy, cool, and creamy

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